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Ajay Prabhakar

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar

Welcome to my official website ! 

This is where, you can know more about my latest projects, news and information about my books, and my work. I appreciate your interest and involvement.

Thank you, for your love and support.

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A Video Window

Welcome to this space, a window into the work, projects and books of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar.

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar


About Ajay Prabhakar

Winner of Multiple Awards and Decorated with Government titles, Dr. Ajay Prabhakar is an Internationally renowned change agent, who has worked with the United Nations for over a decade.

Ajay is a prolific Author of six acclaimed research, innovation and leadership- centered books, including the Gram Code Series, which was featured on CSPAN, had a foreword from a Former President of Nigeria, endorsed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and was co-authored with the Senior Special Advisor to the President. His book list also includes the Microsoft Productivity Handbook, written for Microsoft and books written for the the United Nations.

With over 21 years of experience, in more than 30 countries and having led, more than 630 million USD worth of projects, Ajay's unique insights and global perspectives on leadership, business development and technology, makes him an invaluable advisor and consultant to the most visionary leaders around the world. He consults extensively on artificial intelligence (AI), research and machine learning (ML) processes in both the public and private sectors for Heads of Governments, the UN, Defense Forces, Royal Families, Fortune 500 companies, universities and museums.

Sought-after Speaker and thought leader on the topics of Innovative leadership, Emerging technologies (AI &Machine learning), Skill transformation and Change management, he has travelled the world, presenting at various prestigious academic, government and private organizations and his work has featured in leading media outlets across the globe.

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In the United Nations

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar was working as the Country Program Coordinator with the United Nations for almost two decades during which he worked on various projects related to education, poverty eradication, youth empowerment, arts and culture and climate change. Ajay was until recently Country Programs Coordinator for UNCCD, working with multiple partners in Western Africa, Eastern Africa, North America, Europe and Far East Asia to implement projects that conserve land, improve rural livelihoods and food security, enhance biodiversity conservation efforts in key areas. He was responsible for program design and implementation, resource mobilization and coordination, monitoring and evaluation, stakeholder engagement and advocacy.

His work included leading and managing $630 million USD worth of projects that were supporting governance reform initiatives as well as youth livelihood opportunities. This program included capacity building and economic development in the youth, through training and consultations with small scale industry skill providers. The program with the injection of technology helped youth, seek employment and help start their own ventures. He worked closely with the Presidency of Nigeria, influencing national policies and programs, and strategy formulation, through the office of the Senior Special Adviser to the President, Professor Catherine Acholonu. He was also influential in drafting the information technology policy of Nigeria.

Ajay Prabhakar UN

Sights from the Yore

Photos (From Left to right) - 1) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar in the Convention for Women political rights and equal participation in Political Positions with African Women Leaders, encouraging and supporting them to have more women in power and decision making processes. 

2) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar with Akhtar Badshah, Senior Director of Microsoft Citizenship and Public Affairs, Professor Catherine Acholonu, Mr. Ntutule Tshenye, Corporate Citizenship Lead, outside the first community center dedicated to local industry development and youth skill empowerment.   

3) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar with his security cover outside United Nations Office in Abuja enroute to visit an educational program in a local government.

4) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar with Magnus Kpakol, Chief Economic Adviser to the President, at an event jointly organized by UNCCD and NAPEP for national youth skill empowerment.

Ajay Prabhakar Women Empowerment
Ajay Prabhakar Youth Empowerment
Ajay Prabhakar UN
Ajay Prabhakar Youth empowerment


Stimulating Moments

Moments which have captured different aspects, milestones, perspectives, growth and stories of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar's work and his achievements.

VSTREAM - Reimagining Education

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar

Creativity has become indispensable in the handling of today's most complex problems. Founder and Chairman, Pioneers Nation, Dr. Ajay Prabhakar talks about the need to rethink education and how Creativity and Values are  essential ingredients to achieving the same.

CSPAN- International Showcase and Presentation to media

Presentation of our book - They Lived before Adam

In 1959, researcher Thurston Shaw uncovered artifacts and a burial chamber at Igbo Ukwu, a town in the Anambra region of South East Nigeria.  The artifacts were dated to approximately the 10th century AD. They Lived before Adam, co authored by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, presented to the world with CSPAN presents research in a new light and brings to the fore what is now termed as "pathbreaking".

Schomburg Center for Research

Presentation of our book - They Lived before Adam

The Gram Code of African Adam: Stone Books and Cave Libraries and Reconstructing 450,000 Years, co-authored by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, won the 2009 International Book Awards and was aired multiple times on C-SPAN Book TV in 2009. The research won the Philis Wheately and Flora Nwapa Awards in New York in 2009.

The Research Portfolio

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar has been researching ancient civilizations and cultures and is part of several research projects being carried out in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA, some of which are listed here. He has worked extensively on multiple archaeological research projects with many countries in West Africa. Prabhakar's work relies heavily on technology, primarily, artificial intelligence, to study how people lived in different periods of time.

He is an expert in the conservation of a number of artifacts, including paintings, sculptures, textiles, books, manuscripts of all time periods, both on their own and as part of a larger collection of museums, archival, and private collections. His experience includes tasks such as archaeological field work, excavation, laboratory analysis, object identification, documentation, virtual mapping, artifact repair and restoration.

Apart from his own learning experiences he also provides training to archaeologists around the world by providing hands-on experience at excavations sites across Africa, Asia and Europe. He is also experienced in the linguistic and archaeological study, comparison, and technical analysis of the Monolithic writings in Ireland namely Turoe Stone. He has been conducting lectures on Monolithic Scripts for many years. His main focus is on Bronze Age settlements, which he explores through his specialized use of satellite imagery for mapping purposes.

His research has taken him to work with and visit places like the British Museum in London; The Louvre in Paris; The Egyptian Museum in Cairo; The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City; The Al-Azhar University Library in Cairo; Istanbul's Hagia Sophia museum, Museum of Qin and more.

The Africa Renaissance Project - An ongoing Tourism, Linguistics and Oral History Project

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, in and after the 15th Century , saw millions of African peoples transported in slave-ships through the Atlantic Ocean to Europe and the Americas. This project portrays and brings to the fore the untold stories of countless s/heroes who gave up their life for the sake of freedom and identity. It also celebrates the lost or near extinct tradition and tales of Africa.

CCMT Archives - A Corporate Archives and Oral History Project

CCMT was established in India in 1953 and today the organization encompasses and conducts a wide range of educational, and charitable activities, enriching the lives of thousands in India and across the world. The trust in its archives, has hundreds of thousands of books, publications, manuscripts and other personal artifacts which it preserves with expert advice from Dr. Ajay Prabhakar.

The Life and works of Olaudah Equiano - An ongoing Geneaology and Literary Project

This project studies and celebrates the life, the legacy and the work of Gustavus Vassa or Olaudah Equiano, the first slave to write his biography. Equiano was a great literary craftsman who wrote to successfully appeal to all segments of the society and his book was an instant bestseller. It was at the same time a slave narrative, a sentimental novel and an adventure story, but more than all that, an irrepressible abolitionist tool.

The Ikom Monoliths Project - An Ongoing Heritage Conservation and Tourism Development Project

The Ikom monoliths, (over 300 of them) are carved stones with enigmatic inscriptions that were discovered in the turn of the 20th Century, located in the villages of Ikom Local Government (and environs) in Cross River State Nigeria, left behind by ancient Africans dating back thousands of years. The CARC team headed by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar has been studying and enlisted the monoliths in the World Monument Fund 2008 Watch List of 100 Most Endangered Sites and brought spotlight on these pillaged pieces of culture.

Symbols, Cave and Ancient Writings - An Ongoing Linguistics and Archaeological Project

Extensive field research on ancient Rock Art in the West African environment, comparison and the technical analysis of the Monolithic writings in Ireland, namely the Turoe Stone, the Castlestrange Stone, the Newgrange burial mound and the Ikom Monoliths, is still being done by our team and it has found strong evidence that seems to suggest that they all refer to the same language that belonged to the Kwa linguistic family. Research is still ongoing.

An Ongoing Heritage Preservation and Conservation Project of Archaic Monuments in India

One of the important projects that is being undertaken by Dr. Prabhakar is the documentation and restoration of Temples and Archaic Monuments.  Chinmaya Mission is just one of the clients guided by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, documenting, preserving and conserving archaic temples and monuments under its aegis. Dr. Prabhakar is pioneering a first of its kind initiative to protect and conserve temples and archaic structures in India from the onslaught of time, destructive weather conditions & natural calamities.

Peep holes into research

Be part of our story, with Dr. Ajay Prabhakar who has visited multitudes of museums and research sites in the world, rediscovering human ingenuity, award-winning exhibitions, iconic objects and stories which connect our past to the present and will map our future.

Ajay Prabhakar
Ajay Prabhakar
Ajay Prabhakar
Ajay Prabhakar

Recognized by  

Books Authored

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar has written extensively on technology, research and its processes.

He is the author of 6 books, notable among them is The Gram Code, foreword of which was written by the Former President of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida  and They Lived before Adam, the research book which is being used as a textbook in many universities in the USA and UK.

He has also authored three books on the impact of emerging technologies and applications, for Microsoft (Windows XP and Productivity Programs) and the United Nations (Impressions and A Different Path) for its various grass root training and sensitization programs.

He has published over 98 articles in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and book chapters.

He has an extensive diverse publication history on topics ranging from artificial intelligence integration in complex processes to distributed systems to data science, machine learning, predictive analytics to archives .

His work has been translated into multiple languages including German and Igbo.

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Books authored by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar

  • Windows XP and Productivity Programs (A Microsoft Unlimited Potential Project Handbook) - 2006

The Gram Code of African Adam (Research Handbook rediscovering human lost civilizations) - 2005

The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam (Research Handbook rediscovering human lost civilizations)- 2010

  • Impressions - A Handbook on Research and Research Processes - 2009

  • A Different Path - A Leadership and Management Manual - 2004

They Lived Before Adam (Research Handbook rediscovering human lost civilizations)- 2008

Book Launch Sights

Book launches are always exciting and nail biting , from the planning of the event, the venue, the event to book signings and to the final presentation. Below are some of the visuals of the "stadium launches" which became synonymous with the books associated with Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and his team. 

Photo (From Left to right) - 1) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar with co- author, Professor Catherine Acholonu, Senior Special Adviser to the President of Nigeria and Kōichirō Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO and the Minister of Information and Culture at a development program inauguration by UNESCO, launching the Gram Code.

2) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar with Commissioner and the Kings of Igbo Land at a book launch in the Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja.    

3) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar with Commissioner of Youth Affairs and the Minister of Women Affairs at The International Launch - Nicon Hilton Hotel. 

4) Stadium Packed Crowd Seated at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu eagerly waiting for the book launch of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar. 

Ajay Prabhakar Catherine Acholonu
Ajay Prabhakar Enugu
Ajay Prabhakar Hilton Book Launch
Ajay Prabhakar Book Launch


Words of encouragement, guidance and support from world leaders and thought pioneers 

William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton)

Senior World Statesman and Former President of the United States of America

It was a very warm welcome I received when I arrived and am grateful to the research team (headed by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar) for it ... Thank you for the inscribed copies of the books received ... I intend to work hard on the issues that are important to Africa and the world....

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

Nobel Laureate and International Leader

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and Pioneers Nation) all for your efforts in promoting

a more healthy education for the young people of this world. I wish you the best for the same.

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

World Leader, Former President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The discoveries made by the team led by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar would be recorded in the annals of history as monumental and humanity would always be grateful to this wonderful team. With this rigorous research, the scholar and his team deserves our credit and encouragement for the bold strides they have made, for the painstaking effort and attention to detail and for pioneering a new definition to the dynamics of scholarship in the world.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

World Leader and Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and his research team have demonstrated what heights can be achieved by mankind through intercontinental cooperation in research, beyond the boundaries of Race, Gender and Creed. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending his work as a pioneering Handbook for World Renaissance, for the world has need of a new vision and a new cultural paradigm.

Kaleidoscope of recognition

We are extremely grateful for the attention to our work and encouraging recognition and accolades for the same from various international governments, research bodies and personalities prominent. 

Photo (From Left to right) - 1) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar was invited to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, to share his work and offer insights into Education and the new curriculum framework and policy (NEP 2020) by Minister, Human Resources, Shri Prakash Javadekar. 

2) Professor Catherine Acholonu, accepting the Flora Nwapa Award in New York, USA for the research work shared with Dr. Ajay Prabhakar.

3) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar in an event with Adi Godrej, Chairman Godrej Group, where he shared his vision for his program in India . 

4) President Olusegun Obasanjo with Professor Catherine Acholonu, Senior Special Adviser to the President at an event with Government officials in Paris, in discussion about programs in Africa.

Ajay Prabhakar Prakash Javadekar
Ajay Prabhakar Godrej
Ajay Prabhakar Olusegun Obasanjo

Titles (Conferred by Governments and International Organizations)

In the News

More than 125 leading international media organizations have reported about the different aspects of the research work and the multiple projects undertaken. Reproducing some of them here below

Nigeria's answer to Stonehenge?

For the past couple of years, these mysterious circles of carved stone figures, which villagers in southern Nigeria still worship on occasions, have been causing a frenzy of excitement. Dr. Ajay Prabhakar's research work is humongous and will change the course of history. 

December 27, 2007

Building an African City on the ruins of an ancient village 

A Modern City , A city of humanism, on 300,000 acres of land, is to be built around an ancient city based on the research findings of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and his team in Benin Republic. The government of Benin Republic is extending every kind of support to the researchers and the Vizier to make this project , outstanding. The findings and the construction are to be funded by the United States Government.

June 15, 2009

Groundbreaking Research

Their (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and team) research, , which  took over four years, Vanguard gathered, began with the discovery of strange inscriptions on 350 sacred ancient stones in the forests of Ikom, in Cross River State , Nigeria. Eventually Professor Acholonu with computer engineer Ajay Prabhakar to bring about a blend of science and culture. The journey of the two scholars through the body of African ancient artifacts, ancient records and scriptures of the lost races of the world looking for missing links on Africa's contribution to history of mankind resulted in a series of research books which is redefining research processes.

October 30, 2008

Shocking Revelations !!!

In a daring project ever to be undertaken on the African continent, described as a marriage of science and culture, the team of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar have documented their research findings in a book published as the Gram Code of African Adam. The researchers are about to put Africa at the center stage of world culture and tourism. The adventurous research saw the team of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar journey through bodies of ancient artifacts,  records and scriptures of India, Egypt, Sumer and Mesopotamia.

December 18, 2006

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, Africa Renaissance Ambassador, and Head of Research, said at the meeting of the Panafrican Leaders, that the Cultural Renaissance Project is a humble offering to the world. He reiterated that he and his team would keep working on more projects and findings to keep the flame of research and innovation burning. Panafrica is supported by the United Nations and the African Union and the function was headed by AU Chairman and President Olusegun Obasanjo.  

June 15, 2006

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, winner of several awards has through this research , undertaken the most extraordinary and ambitious work in the history of the research and academic world.

January 10, 2004

More Testimonials

A diverse and illustrious group of world leaders, thinkers and influencers share how the research work of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar is shaping the world , one letter at a time. 

Shri Prakash Javadekar

Honorable Minister, Human Resource Development

It was a nice meeting that we had… I commend you (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar) and your insights… I look forward to continuing our discussions on the topics that we discussed… Please also keep me abreast of any topic which you feel is important for the nation and needs to be taken up for public discourse…

Donald Duke

Governor, Cross River State

I write on the behalf of the Government and the people of my state to congratulate you (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and his team) for the meticulous research work and the audacious and revealing statements published in your research book. We are indeed encouraged and truly hope that you can unearth more of history in the future. Wish you all the best for the pioneering work and may the almighty crown your efforts with greater successes.

Akume George

Senator and Former Governor - Benue State

Youth Empowerment is essential and cannot be ignored, for the youth of today are the future of this world. Dr. Prabhakar and his team have been instrumental in creating a series of innovative training programs which are helping the youth, to make productive their time and find employment which will not only benefit them but also the economy. We wish him all the best.

Kōichirō Matsuura

Former Director-General of UNESCO

The research work carried out by the team led by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and Professor Acholonu is simply exceptional and takes the implementation of disciplined, challenging, educational research projects and methodologies to a whole new level….

is an outstanding accomplishment …. I am proud to present the evidence informed work to the international media and the academic world in general.

Smita Crishna Godrej

Director, Godrej Holdings Limited

This, is real education. If a child is equipped with this kind of value based education, it could help the child become a responsible global citizen. Focus on developing research,

Gender equality, and the attention to emotional quotient of a child as highlighted in your modules is so very important, today.

Swami Tejomayananda

Recipient of the Padmabhushan Award, Mentor and Former Head - Chinmaya Mission

Work shows worth. A brilliant creation (projects done) from a genius mind.

Ambassador Ralph Uwechue

Career Diplomat and Former Ambassador to Liberia

I would like to commend the path breaking research undertaken by you (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar) and your team for its dedicated and consistent efforts in research towards building a great nation and a greater Africa.

You have done us all proud and we wish you more success and discoveries in your projects.

Stephane Martin

President Musée du Quai Branly, Paris. France

I wish to congratulate Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, Professor Acholonu and the entire research team for the study conducted on the linguistic evidence of the Ancient African Artifacts and its prolongation into a second stage, its theme of shared values and interculturalism among the ancients and among civilizations.

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Organizations Founded

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar has been involved with organizations that work towards the betterment of society, innovation and the environment, at different points in his life. Some notable organizations founded by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, that are engineering innovation in different domains through research and development are listed below

Pioneers Nation

Pioneers Curriculum is a complete educational ecosystem that helps students learn and grow to their fullest potential. We're on a mission to bring 21st century skills to every student's fingertips through our curriculum and content. Pioneers Nation provides an online platform that celebrates learning with creative future ready content. , irrespective of their learning styles and teaching needs.

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Luminate Innovations

Creation of Archives (physical and virtual), Management (including preservation and conservation) and Exhibition (in different formats) are different aspects of the archival procedure which the Luminate team specializes in. Digital asset management, Mapping, Oral histories and corporate archives are the highlights of our services.

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Catherine Acholonu Research Centre (CARC)

CARC is a centre dedicated to the research, protection and expression of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage within the context of cultures of Sub- Saharan Africa and the world as a whole.

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Welcome to this audio cast where Former United Nation's Programme Officer, Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, shares his insights into the effects that new technological developments -- in particular artificial intelligence and robotics, will have on the way we work, live and think. Join him for the latest stories about automation in work, the future of work, and more, here.

How can AI be Deployed and Developed in Government

AI, is powering the future of business, transforming industries, social and health outcomes and our world. looks at how AI can be deployed in government systems to address widening gaps in public service provision.

Guiding Principles From Women in Project Management

Looking for some inspiration from successful women in project management? Check out these guiding principles from some of the best in the field!

The Rise of the Military Robots 

In a rapidly developing world, even the armed forces are starting to use robots in various ways. While this may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, it is becoming more and more common.

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Frozen Moments

Some moments frozen forever in the these pictures

Photo (From Left to right) - 1) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar with Vice President's Wife, Second Lady, Her Excellency Amina Sambo at the Presidential Villa.

2) Ajay Prabhakar at the permanent secretariat of the United Nations Convention Office (UNCCD) Office at Bonn, Germany.

3) The invitation card to the book launch of one of the books of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium.

4) Dr. Ajay Prabhakar is part of the Collaborative Leadership platform, spearheaded by Tata Archives, group of heads and experts in the domain of Archives in India.

5) Dr. Prabhakar at an Aircraft Manufacturing Unit of the Government of the Peoples Republic of China, discussing strategy and best practices.

Ajay Prabhakar Amina Sambo
Ajay Prabhakar Bonn UNCCD
Ajay Prabhakar Invitation
Ajay Prabhakar TATA Archives
Ajay Prabhakar Xian


Welcome to the blog space of Former United Nation's Programme Officer, Ajay Prabhakar. Find commentary and inspiration on AI, leadership, corporate culture, management and some more. Keep checking this space, for fresh business leadership insights and industry-specific tips.

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